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ParleyMainWindow Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  Component {
  NoComponent, WelcomeComponent, EditorComponent, ConfigurePracticeComponent,
  PracticeComponent, PracticeSummary

Public Slots

void configurePractice ()
void practiceFinished ()
bool queryClose ()
bool queryExit ()
void setVisibleToolbar (const QString &name)
void showDocumentActions (bool open, bool edit)
void showEditor ()
void showPractice ()
void showPracticeConfiguration ()
void showPracticeSummary ()
void showWelcomeScreen ()
QSize sizeHint () const
void slotApplyPreferences ()
void slotCloseDocument ()
void slotGeneralOptions ()
void slotUpdateWindowCaption ()
void startPractice ()
void startupTipOfDay ()
void switchComponent (Component component)
void tipOfDay ()


void preferencesChanged ()
void recentFilesChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void addRecentFile (const KUrl &url, const QString &name)
Component currentComponent ()
void initActions ()
ParleyDocumentparleyDocument ()
void saveOptions ()
void updateRecentFilesModel ()
void updateTableFilter ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ParleyMainWindowinstance ()

Private Member Functions

 ParleyMainWindow (const KUrl &filename=KUrl())

Private Attributes

QString m_appName
 the name of the executable
Component m_componentBeforePractice
Component m_currentComponent
KXmlGuiWindow * m_currentComponentWindow
QList< QPointer< KToolBar > > m_hiddenToolbars
KRecentFilesAction * m_recentFilesAction
Practice::TestEntryManager m_testEntryManager

Static Private Attributes

static ParleyMainWindows_instance = 0


int main (int argc, char *argv[])

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file parleymainwindow.h.

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