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Practice::MultiplechoiceModeWidget Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Practice::MultiplechoiceModeWidget:
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Public Slots

virtual void setNumberOfRadioButtons (const int numberOfChoices)
virtual void showQuestion ()
virtual void showSolution ()
virtual void showSynonym ()


void continueAction ()
void hintAction ()
void skipAction ()

Public Member Functions

 MultiplechoiceModeWidget (GuiFrontend *frontend, QWidget *parent=0)
virtual void setFeedback (const QVariant &feedback)
virtual void setFeedbackState (AbstractFrontend::ResultState feedbackState)
virtual void setHint (const QVariant &hint)
virtual void setQuestion (const QVariant &question)
virtual void setQuestionFont (const QFont &font)
virtual void setQuestionPronunciation (const QString &pronunciationText)
virtual void setQuestionSound (const KUrl &soundUrl)
virtual void setResultPalettes (const QPalette &correctPalette, const QPalette &wrongPalette)
virtual void setResultState (AbstractFrontend::ResultState resultState)
virtual void setSolution (const QVariant &solution)
virtual void setSolutionFont (const QFont &font)
virtual void setSolutionPronunciation (const QString &pronunciationText)
virtual void setSolutionSound (const KUrl &soundUrl)
virtual void setSynonym (const QString &entry)
virtual QVariant userInput ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *event)

Protected Attributes

QPalette m_correctPalette
QPalette m_wrongPalette

Private Attributes

QList< QAction * > m_actions
QList< QRadioButton * > m_choiceButtons
int m_solution
QFont m_solutionFont
Ui::MultiplechoicePracticeWidget * m_ui

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file multiplechoicemodewidget.h.

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