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Scripting::Lesson Class Reference

KEduVocLesson wrapping class for Kross scripts. More...

#include <lesson.h>

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Public Slots

void appendChildLesson (Lesson *child)
void appendEntry (Expression *entry)
void appendNewEntry (QStringList translations)
double averageGrade (int translation, bool recursive)
QObject * childLesson (const QString &name)
QObject * childLesson (int row)
int childLessonCount () const
QVariantList childLessons (bool recursive=false)
void clearEntries ()
QVariantList entries (bool recursive=false) const
QObject * entry (int row, bool recursive=false)
int entryCount (bool recursive=false)
int expressionsOfGrade (int translation, unsigned int grade, bool recursive)
QObject * findChildLesson (const QString &name)
void insertChildLesson (int row, Lesson *child)
void insertEntry (int index, Expression *entry)
QObject * newEntry (QStringList translations)
QObject * newEntry ()
void removeChildLesson (int row)
void removeEntry (QObject *entry)
void resetGrades (int translation, bool recursive)
int row () const
void setEntries (QVariantList entries)

Public Member Functions

void appendChildContainer (Container *child)
ContainerchildContainer (int row)
ContainerchildContainer (const QString &name)
int childContainerCount () const
QVariantList childContainers ()
KEduVocContainer * findContainer (const QString &name)
QString imageUrl ()
bool inPractice ()
void insertChildContainer (int row, Container *child)
KEduVocContainer * kEduVocContainer ()
 Lesson (KEduVocContainer *container)
 Lesson (const QString &name)
 Lesson (KEduVocLesson *lesson)
QString name ()
void removeChildContainer (int row)
void removeTranslation (int translation)
void setImageUrl (const QString &url)
void setInPractice (bool inPractice)
void setName (const QString &name)
template<class T , class S >
QVariantList toVariantList (QList< T * > objList) const

Static Public Member Functions

boolToEnum (bool recursive)
static bool enumToBool (KEduVocContainer::EnumEntriesRecursive recursive)
static QList< KEduVocContainer * > flattenContainer (KEduVocContainer *root)

Protected Attributes

KEduVocContainer * m_container


QString imageUrl
 Container image URL.
bool inPractice
 Boolean value if lesson is in Practice or not.
QString name
 Container name.

Private Attributes

KEduVocLesson * m_lesson

Detailed Description

KEduVocLesson wrapping class for Kross scripts.

The Lesson class gives access to lesson properties, entries and child-lessons. The lesson properties documentation can be found in Container class as well as few function's documentation.

The main way of accessing the lesson entries is with the entries() function which allows you to iterate through all the lesson entries (recursively also) and access their properties and modifiy them (see entries() function example code). For individual entry access use the entry(int) function.

To add new entries to a lesson you can use the following ways:

To remove an entry use the removeEntry() function

Avgoustinos Kadis <avgoustinos.kadis@kdemail.net>

Definition at line 47 of file lesson.h.

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