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Scripting::Translation Class Reference

#include <translation.h>

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Public Slots

void addAntonym (Translation *antonym)
void addFalseFriend (Translation *falseFriend)
void addSynonym (Translation *synonym)
QVariantList antonyms () const
QObject * conjugation (const QString &tense, const KEduVocWordFlags &flags)
QStringList conjugationTenses () const
QStringList conjugationTexts (const QString &tense)
QStringList conjugationTexts (const QString &tense, const KEduVocWordFlags &flags)
void decGrade ()
QVariantList falseFriends () const
void incBadCount ()
void incGrade ()
void incPracticeCount ()
QStringList multipleChoice ()
QString practiceDate () const
QString practiceDate (const QString &format) const
void removeAntonym (Translation *antonym)
void removeFalseFriend (Translation *falseFriend)
void removeSynonym (Translation *synonym)
void resetGrades ()
void setConjugation (QObject *conjugation, const QString &tense, const KEduVocWordFlags &flags)
void setConjugationText (const QString &conjugation, const QString &tense, const KEduVocWordFlags &flags)
void setPracticeDate (const QString &date)
void setPracticeDate (const QString &date, const QString &format)
QVariantList synonyms () const
QString wordType () const

Public Member Functions

unsigned int badCount () const
QString comment () const
QString comparative () const
QString example () const
unsigned int grade () const
QString imageUrl ()
bool isEmpty ()
KEduVocText * kEduVocText ()
KEduVocTranslation * kEduVocTranslation ()
QString paraphrase () const
unsigned int practiceCount () const
QString pronunciation () const
void setBadCount (unsigned int count)
void setComment (const QString &expr)
void setComparative (const QString &comparative)
void setExample (const QString &expression)
void setGrade (unsigned int grade)
void setImageUrl (const QString &url)
void setParaphrase (const QString &expression)
void setPracticeCount (unsigned int count)
void setPronunciation (const QString &expression)
void setSoundUrl (const QString &url)
void setSuperlative (const QString &superlative)
void setText (const QString &expr)
void setWordType (KEduVocWordType *wordType)
QString soundUrl ()
QString superlative () const
QString text () const
template<class T , class S >
QVariantList toVariantList (QList< T * > objList) const
 Translation (Expression *entry)
 Translation (KEduVocTranslation *translation)
 Translation (Expression *entry, const QString &translation)

Protected Attributes

KEduVocText * m_text


QString comment
 Comment on this translation.
QString comparative
 Comparative form.
QString example
 Example sentence.
QString imageUrl
 Url of the image file.
unsigned int
 how often this entry has been practiced as int
bool isEmpty
 true if the word text is empty
QString paraphrase
QString pronunciation
 Word pronunciation.
QString soundUrl
 Url of the sound file.
QString superlative
 Superlative form.
QString text
 The translation as string (the word itself)

Private Attributes

KEduVocTranslation * m_translation

Detailed Description

KEduVocTranslation wrapper class for scripting with Kross

Avgoustinos Kadis <avgoustinos.kadis@kdemail.net>

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